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In the realm of love, think less romantic and more practical. Let actions speak louder than words. The Law of Action states that when you take a step towards something you believe in, the Universe takes a bigger step in your direction. In other words, you are not in this alone. The mysterious forces above are working in tandem with you to make your biggest dreams come true. Look around you, Scorpio. Your reality is proof. Let this be the motivation you need to continue working towards your long-term goals with the required focus and discipline. The only bad vibes are the ones you let into your space.

Let your boundaries be so strong that only good vibrations pour in. Let balance be your power word today. Yes, that means making time for your morning run—and some mixing and mingling too. Cosmic tip: You are safe and protected.

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The law of karma is working in your favour. Channel your inner weekend warrior, Capricorn! Giving back is an important theme for you today. Signing up for volunteer work is another option. Remember, we are stronger when we stand together.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope from 14th January to 20th January 2018

See how you can get your soul crew to support you in your endeavours. Do you think that somebody could benefit from financial aid?

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At any point of time, you have two options: to vibrate at the frequency of love, or to let fear get the better of you. Let down the walls you have so carefully constructed around you.

Weekly Horoscope: January 21 - 27

Brace yourself for hidden secrets. That which has been kept from you will come to light today. When you find yourself questioning some of your closest relationships, respond rather than react. Take your time to process information—and you can only do this by going into your sacred space.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Another thing you want to focus on is being able to tell the difference between paranoia and intuition. Like any astrological event, the influence of eclipses can be felt for some time before and after: This past weekend was intensified, and the beginning of this week will be as well. During eclipses, life-changing adjustments that are outside of our control take place. Adjustments are part of eclipses, and trying to force things to happen results in exhaustion, so take the passenger seat for now.

Wait until next week to take charge. Teamwork and collaboration are encouraged now that the sun is in Aquarius, rather than self-made Capricorn.

Our collective need to be appreciated and accepted by those we care about is amplified during this eclipse, so give someone a pat on the back, recognize them for their generosity and strength. On Monday morning we try to get our work done, but are met with limitations as action planet Mars squares off with Saturn, the planet of boundaries, at AM. We expect instant gratification but get hit with rules and logistics.

This helps us to understand what we need more practice doing in order to be successful and productive in the long run. On Tuesday morning, love and money planet Venus meets Jupiter, the planet of abundance at AM, helping us smooth over whatever high-strung eclipse antics occurred over the weekend by offering an excess of warmth and well wishes. Overindulgence is likely, and moderation is key. Unexpected news comes Wednesday morning when communication planet Mercury squares off with Uranus, the planet of surprises, at AM. Words create friction leading to an assertion of independence and innovation.

Wednesday is a key day for new ideas and understanding the cycles of history, be it your personal history or the history of civilization, in order to imagine a new and improved future. Mercury enters forward-thinking Aquarius at AM on Thursday, helping us break out of stuffy patterns of thought as we gravitate towards more unconventional and funny ideas. On Thursday the weekend is ushered in with some rewards for our actions as Mars harmonizes with lucky Jupiter at PM.

All of the walls we hit earlier in the week give us space to re-approach the task and bear witness to how our impulsivity pays off. With a full moon eclipse in your opposite sign early Monday morning, your week begins with relationship drama. Make room in your mind to give them credit and let them know they belong in your life.

Your Yearly Horoscope

Communication planet Mercury enters your sign on Thursday morning, giving you the words to describe how much your friends belong in your life, and how you intend on including them in your vision for your future. A boost in your paycheck comes this week as lucky Jupiter meets money planet Venus, growing the value of your network. During the full moon eclipse, your lifestyle was under scrutiny.

This master of the message helps you get your point across. It connects closely with the Sun on Tuesday and Wednesday. You may shine without pretext or forethought. Want to try something different and original? Dark Moon Lilith and Vesta have your back.

Love Horoscopes |

Cash in. Neptune and Chiron in your career sector means your work has far-reaching effects. Chiron shows you can be vulnerable, so people want to help. Mercury connects to the Sun. Your words affect many. Exotic shores await you. Your natural empathy is matched by a determination that is forming this very instant. Not knowing what lies ahead, go ahead and get some rest — restore yourself. Years of experience and points of view are realigning, both within and without. Mercury connects with the Sun to add light to what you share.

The North Node of karma is in your solar twelfth house. Someone else is likely to be running the show. Watch and appreciate. Changes, transitions, and healing are the order of the day.

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